3 years
Okro Tomato Peppersoup Recipe
By Atim Ukoh- Afrolems

As a Nigerian, my senses are wired to receive spicy food and Okro Tomato Peppersoup is on that list like no man’s business.


Traditionally, Okro Peppersoup is consumed in Nigeria without the tomato but I decided to make mine a more wholesome soup by including more vitamin C in it. The tomato also gives the soup a bit more richness or as Nigerians say it gives body to the soup. Apart from the spiciness of the soup, I love the nutritional benefits of Okro in the soup as well. Okro is a great source of fibre and helps with bowel movement. Okro is also great for detoxifying the liver. It is also a rich source of vitamin A. With all these benefits I hope you would enjoy this Okro Tomato Pepper soup as a meal on it’s own or with Swallow. You may choose to add some fish to your soup for more variety but I chose just beef and snail.




8 pieces of Beef

5 Pieces of Snail

25 Fingers of Okro (Chopped)

2 Large Tomatoes

Half Red bell pepper

3 Yellow peppers

¼ bulb of Onion

1.5 tablespoons of blended pepper soup spices

½ cup of crayfish pieces

¼ cup of crayfish head

Seasoning Cubes

1 teaspoon of dry pepper




- Season your beef with seasoning cubes, onion and the teaspoon of dry pepper and bring to boil in a pot of water till the beef is semi soft. Add water as needed.

- Wash your snails and add to the pot when the beef is halfway cooked so the snail could be soft as well but not too soft.

- Add your grounded pepper soup spices to the pot and reduce the heat to medium heat.

- Wash your crayfish pieces and crayfish head and separate both of them into two bowls.

- Blend your tomatoes, pepper, and crayfish head with a quarter cup of water.

- Pour the blended tomato, pepper and crayfish into the pot of meat and snails and stir in. At this point, add the crayfish pieces.

- Add your chopped okro, stir for a minute and immediately take off the fire so the okro is not over cooked. There would be just enough heat in the pot to steam the okro.

- Serve with swallow or as a stand-alone meal.