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Yoga For Beginners
By Oluwaloseyi Shay
PNN Contributor Introduction
Seyi is free spirit, lover of life and an aspiring healer. She began her yoga practice about 3 years ago after years of enduring chronic back pain and as her practice began to slowly dull the pain, improve her stamina and overall fitness, she never looked back! We are beyond elated to have her as a Play Network Nigeria Contributor as her posts promise to take our bodies on a journey of flexibility and physical fitness.

Hello Everyone, its Seyi!

I love receiving messages and emails from people interested in yoga! It literally gets me so excited because I am a living testimony of the benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga has really changed in the past few years. In the past people often refrained from the practice as a result of its religious association but in recent times a lot of people just practice yoga for the sake of fitness. For those interested in Yoga my advice usually is to visit a studio and take classes to start off. I say this because it is a safer way to begin your practice, as the teacher is there to guide you and ensure all your poses are practiced properly.I want to remind you all that in the end, it is your body and it is up to you to take care of it. So always be mindful!

As you become more comfortable in your practice, home practice comes into play. If you are unable to afford the yoga classes, you think you are not yet ready to commit, you are unable to create time out of your busy schedule to take classes at a studio or you really just want to advance your practice, you can definitely do so with a home practice. This is a very good way to stay consistent, grow stronger and improve your stamina. Take for example, if you are only able to make it to the studio once or twice a weekend the last time you took a class you were able to find the right balance to do the wheel pose and for some reason you leave it at that without practice, it is likely that when you try the pose again next week, you will have a hard time getting into it and you are now back to ground 0! Please take note of this as it is very important- as with general fitness practices, consistent practice is key!


1) Instagram: Social media is life to be honest. So many yoga teachers now host Instagram yoga challenges and this is a great way to be consistent with your practice and be part of an amazing community. Try an Instagram challenge out today or sometime this week! Please push yourself! Don’t be fooled because these challenges are on instagram, you might be quick to assume that they are easy or a joke. They are exactly what they sound like- a challenge! It will most likely push you to try new poses, which in turn will advance your practice. Please always remember to warm up before jumping into poses.


Instagram challenge #ARTINYOGA Day 8: Extended puppy pose

2) I started my home practice with Udaya because I was inspired by another Nigerian yogi who happens to be my namesake Lol!. It does cost a small fee to register but it is so worth it! Udaya is an excellent way to practice on the go, especially for those people who travel a lot as well as those who don’t always get the chance to visit studios.

3) Cody app: I hear great things about this app but I only recently started using it. I have practiced with Kinoyoga and it has been an amazing experience. A lot of well-known yoga teachers (@kinoyoga, @mackenzieyoga, @fitqueenirene, @meghancurrieyoga) are featured on this app and they extend their practice and experience to others, sometimes through live streaming! Although you have to purchase class packages, you are occasionally gifted a free class. Downloading the app is also free.


4) YouTube: YouTube is as straightforward as it gets! All you need to do is Google the pose you want to try out and you will find a YouTube tutorial on it. I will be sending in introductory posts on this blog relating to beginner poses in the near future so keep an eye out for that. My channel is also coming real soon on YouTube so if you are interested you will find videos and other useful materials there as well.


5) Yogaglo: This is a pioneer program for online streaming of yoga lessons. For a 15USD fee payable every month, you get unlimited access to various lessons from international teachers worldwide. Their database is vast and they offer a free 15-day trial for newcomers. This is really nice for those days when you would really like to attend a class at your studio but your intentions and schedule just would not agree!

I really hope you have enjoyed this post and found it somewhat useful and informative. Stay safe, stay consistent and in all, always remember to honor your body!

Namaste ~

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