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The Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert was celebrated on the 19th of October, at Hilton Hotel Abuja.
The Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert, themed Voices of Peace was celebrated on th 19th of October at Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja. 

The concert takes place annually in different countries around the world, celebrating the life of a man who once lived by the principles of peace, love and humanity, this man spread these values through his love for music. Unfortunately, he was beheaded by acts of terror and hatred, the very thing he devoted his life towards preventing. 

In the spirit of celebrating a life well lived, the US Ambassador in a brief address encouraged the audience to live each day with love and care and compassion for the life and wellbeing of their fellow Nigerian. He urged that we emulate the strong values that Daniel Pearl held dearly till his last days. 

Over the years, the Days of Music concerts have become a celebration of the life through the vibrations of good music and performances.





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The Daniel Pearl World Music Days concert was celebrated on the 19th of October, at Hilton Hotel Abuja....


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