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The continent of Africa has birth it‘s new catwalk queens

Aduke Shitta-Bey

As a finalist of the Elite Model Look Nigeria 2015 contest, Ms Shitta-Bey has left a strong impression on the fashion world as a force on the catwalk. She has worked with prestigious photographers such as Lakin Ogunbanwo and TY Bello and has appeared in numerous publications including Vogue Italia.

Aduke Afusat Shitta-Bey. from Lagos Island is a confident Lagosian with a strength in her strut and a captivation in the images she muses. When asked about the highlight of her career by The Guardian Nigeria, she said “the highlight for me would be when I opened for LaQuan Smith at GTB Fashion Weekend. It was really intense, the outfit was everything and more. I felt like Halle Berry in Cat Woman for a minute. It was definitely a moment.”

Shitta-Bey unlaced the show wearing a black latex bodysuit, thigh-high boots and a bomber jacket. The crowd’s approving correspondence as she strutted the catwalk, synchronised with the banging soundtrack in the background, sealed the vision of the model in the minds of all who witnessed her energy. The model, Aduke, shows no signs of slowing down and we are excited to watch her on the catwalks this coming fashion season. 


Ifeoma Ogonna Nwobu

Nigerian models are on a world-wide come-up and have broken several barriers in recent times. They are getting signed to top agencies in major fashion cities across the globe from New York to Milan. As they rise, we can’t help but celebrate their successes and Ifeoma Ogonna Billion Nwobu, a Political Science major at the University of Lagos is famed for her striking facial structure, elongated limbs and her forthright and hysterical personality—a scroll through her twitter feed is easily a nite of a thousand laughs. The 20-year-old model sure knows how to carry herself with an unwavering confidence. She has worked with notable designers like Lanre Da Silva, Lisa Folawiyo, Mae Otti, TI Nathan, Grey Projects, to name a few.

 Nwobu has been photographed by top photographers including Lakin Ogunbanwo, Yagazie Emezi, Jerri Rotimi, and Vane Karolle. When she is not being draped in expensive threads, Ifeoma likes to keep her style easy and simple.




 The future is digital and with no surprise, the future is here! A digital revolution is present in most industries, and this revolution has discovered a conduit to the core of the fashion industry with the creation of Shudu, the world’s first digital supermodel, Cameron-James Wilson, the creator says she is of South African origin.

Shudu, a CGI creation by photographer and visual artist Cameron-James Wilson is undoubtedly a star in her own right with a growing Instagram following by the thousands, the world is intrigued.

The presence of Shudu begs the question, “how far are we going with the digital takeover and whether or not a character like Shudu – who was created as a black South African woman in her mid to late twenties is taking modelling jobs from real life black models who are already unfairly marginalized” Style Rave reports. 

Shudu is a true masterpiece! Her realism is undeniable perfection, from her pores to the human-like emotions expressed in her poses. Gee! I remember the first time I saw Shudu, my jaw dropped in shock that a person would be born to be so beautiful. Alas!


Mayowa Nicholas

For the July issue of Vogue Germany, there are three covers to choose from including one that features Nigeria’s very own Mayowa Nicholas making her the first Nigerian model to cover any Vogue issue since Oluchi Orlandi appeared on the August 1998 issue of Vogue Italia, it’s yet another major win for Mayowa Nicholas who looked as stunning as ever clad in a Christopher Kane red lace dress. We are experiencing the emergence of an iconic supermodel. #supermodelstatus has been triggered for the 2014 winner of the Elite Model Look Nigeria competition. And we are so very proud! Her highly emotional moment on her Vogue cover made us more happy for her! 



Elizabeth Ayodele

Nigerian born model Elizabeth Ayodele recently joined the Zara posse as one of the faces of the brand. Elizabeth who joined the industry through Few Models is barely two years in the modelling scene and is already making waves. She has accomplished commendable feats worldwide as she continues to pose and laugh her way to the top. 

As the first Nigerian to be signed to IMG Worldwide, Elizabeth has worked the runway for major international brands such as Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Miu Miu and Brognano amongst others.



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The continent of Africa has birth it‘s new catwalk queens ...


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