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To commemorate South Africa’s National Women’s Day today, we celebrate mining magnate, Bridgette Motsepe Radebe. She is the representation of power, progress, and the mindset of the modern woman. Read more about the mining queen!

The elegant Bridgette Motsepe Radebe sits among an exclusive list as one of the richest black women in Africa. She is the wife of transport minister and South African communist Party leader Jeff Radebe. Applaudably, she is South Africa‘s first black female mining entrepreneur.

Bridgette Radebe has amassed over a decade of grounding in contract mining, mining construction and mergers and acquisitions which makes her the first black South African deep level hard rock mining entrepreneur. She is the founder and Executive Chairperson of Mmakau Mining; a mining firm proficient in the survey and production of platinum, gold, and chrome. Radebe began as a standard miner in the 1980s, organising individual shaft mining operations and producing materials for the larger mine operations in South Africa while working under a contract.

Bridgette Radebe possesses a most enviable resume of accolades and experiences. To name a few, she is the president of the South African Mining Development Association (SAMDA), Vice Chairman of the Minerals and Mining Development Board, She advises the Minister of Minerals and Energy, and participated in the design of the South African Mining Charter and present mining legislation. Mrs Radebe is a member of the Human Resources Committee of Sappi Limited and joined its board in 2004.

As a woman unafraid of speaking against the status quo, Radebe has lambasted the "capitalist mining model" in view of the fact that "it takes land to exploit the materials, the exports create ghost towns, and jobs go overseas."

When South Africa was reformed, 83% of the natural resources belonged to the racial minority (white people). Today, 91% of the same resources are owned by corporate monopolies. In light of this, Radebe suggests three solutions to solve the problem:

  • complete nationalisation of all mining operations

  • a state buyout of the mining operations of dwindling profitability in the name of black empowerment,

  • a co-operation movement between public and private sectors over the running of South Africa‘s mines.

Radebe has received several awards, such as receiving the International Business Person of the Year Award in May 2008 by the Global Foundation for Democracy. The Business Person of the Year Award recognises the achievements of individuals who have made a difference in an ever-changing political and environmental landscape.

 We celebrate the impact of every brave and powerful woman on the continent of Africa, and Bridgette Motsepe Radebe is surely one of such women.





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