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We’ve all been there! The entire process of excitement, planning, shopping and then comes the disappointment! Sigh. We’ve all been there; at least the wanderlust souls amongst us! I’ve come to realize that the older you get, the more difficult it is to fit your work, life schedule with that of another full grown adult. We all have things to do, and life happens! When we plan trips with our friends and family and they end up disappointing us, a lot of the time, it isn’t because they want to disappoint us! Life just happens!

When I decided to travel solo for the first time, I had all the feels! Happiness, anxiety, excitement, worry, hope, curiosity, you name it! I did the most! Backpack? Check! Bum bag? Check! Extra Debit Cards? Check! Cash? Check! Emergency contact list? Check! SOS Snacks? Check! Check! Check! If you fail to prepare, you plan to fail they say and I was determined to make my first solo travel trip a memorable one! I do the most on a normal day so just imagine how extra I would be travelling solo for the first time.. I‘m sure a lot of us can relate!

Having travelled solo a couple of times now, still feeling the thrill every single time, I have come to learn a few things and would be sharing them with you in a series of posts here on the PNA Travel Club Blog! So here we go- Riding Solo! A Cool Girls Guide to Planning her First Solo Trip!

  1. RELAX!

You are doing it! You are actually doing the damn thing! You’ve gotten so tired of stalling your plans to travel simply because you can’t seem to fit in your work schedule with that of your friends, or because for one reason or the other friends keep cancelling on you, or because your last girls trip was so horrible, you just cannot talk yourself into going through that all over again! Well, congratulations! You are taking control of your own life! Well done... Now, Relax!

Travelling solo for the first time can be very scary and confusing! For you to truly enjoy your experience as a solo traveller, you must be relaxed, in order to take in the experience! If you are on edge, you would ruin what could potentially be a life changing experience for you. Do it afraid, yes, but relax! What do you need to do to put yourself in Zen mode? Listen to soothing music? Yoga? Sleep? Whatever it is, just make sure you are not on edge when planning your first solo trip. Those positive vibrations would go a long way in ensuring the earth grants you s seamless experience. Believe it!


There are so many things to consider when choosing a destination for your first solo trip, and most of your questions can be answered through research! While you might have a list of cities that you really want to visit, research would help you narrow down cities that are best visited as a group, and those that are safe enough for solo travelling, especially as a female solo traveller. If you are a solo traveller of colour, then you have even more research to do. Learn about the culture in the city you want to visit, how to dress respectfully, how to say hello, how to say thank you. Learn about the best and safest modes of transportation, learn about popular tourist traps and scams. We are blessed to be in an era where information is readily available online. Take advantage!


We all know that travelling with friends is not only fun when you are travelling with cool people, it also goes a long way in making a trip more budget friendly. Every solo traveller needs to consider the fact that when travelling solo, you would also have to spend solo. From airfares that are sometimes cheaper when you book group tickets, to cost of taxis, cost of hotels, cost of a tour guide if necessary, cost of leisure activities and so on. Studying airline sales patterns can go a long way in reducing cost of airfares by hundreds of dollars. Advance purchases aren’t always smarter purchases.. More on this later.. Research would also help you figure out ways you can save on hotels, transportation etc as a solo traveller.

I would say this, however: no matter what you do, as a solo traveller, never compromise on safety just to save a few bucks! Especially where you are visiting a city that you have never visited before. Be aware!


As I write this, I am currently planning a solo trip and am writing this as the fourth point to remind myself to PACK LIGHT, (And to remind you of course!) It can be so difficult for some of us to pack light when travelling solo.. I mean, what if I need to work out? What if I go to the beach? What if I attend a fashion show? What if I meet the Queen of England and she invites me to visit Buckingham Palace in her private jet? What if I want to fly away? What if I have a meeting with the President? A girl needs to be prepared, mehn!

Now back to reality, there are so many what ifs, but it is so important to pack light and simple regardless. The more load, the more stress! You need to be able to hop in a taxi or train easily without any help, you need to be able to secure your items easily, and so on! The lighter, the better! Let’s make it more about taking in the experiences and less about the fashion, shall we? If we can make it about both, then JACKPOT!, CHECKMATE!, all that Jazz! You get my drift!


Every full grown adult knows that everything requires some sort of preparation, and travelling solo is no different! There is a special type of confidence that comes with going to a new city prepared! You know what to expect, and know just how to deal with it! There are so many things to consider to feel fully prepared for your first solo trip, and I’ll be going through that in our next article!

So guys, are you considering going on a solo trip? Would you ever consider going on a solo trip? Join the conversation on Instagram now! @pnalifestyle

Until next time,

Stay curious!

Solo Hug,

PNA Travel Club!

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